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Ga Elegance, grace
Gaden insui 我田引水 “Pulling water to your own rice paddy”: doing or speaking in a way to benefit yourself
Gaiden 外傳 “Outside teaching,” knowledge developed outside of the vision of the founder of the ryū
Gaihō 外方 Outward; cf naihō
Gaihō uke 外方受け Any inside to outside block, as opposed to naihō uke; uchi uke
Gaijin 外人 Foreigner
Gaijin kusai 外人臭い To stink like a foreigner
Gai jū nai gō 外柔内剛 Gentle on outside but tough on inside
Gaikokujin 外国人 Foreigner
Gai shaku taku 外尺沢 Back of the wrist
Gaitenkin 外転筋 Abductor muscle
Gaiwan 外腕 Outer forearm
Gaiwan gedan uke 外腕下段受け Low block sweeping down from outside to inside, a kind of opposite to gedan barai
Gaiwan kakiwake uke 外腕掻き分け受け Outer forearm wedge block
Gaiwan nagashi uke 外腕流し受け Flowing block with outside of forearm
Gaiwan nagashi uke, chūdan gyaku zuki, kansetsu geri 外腕流し受け、中段逆突き、関節蹴り   Outside of arm flowing block, mid-level reverse punch, joint kick
Gaken 我見 Selfish mind
Gaku Learning, scholarship, erudition, knowledge
Gakugei 学芸 Arts and sciences, liberal arts
Gakugyō 学業 Studies, schoolwork
Gakuin 学院 Institute or academy
Gakujutsu 学術 Science, learning, scholarship
Gakumon ni ōdō nashi 学問に王道なし “There are no shortcuts to learning,” (proverb)
Gakumon o osameru 学問を修める Master a learning
Gakusei 学生 Student, esp university student
Gakusetsu 学説 Theory
Gakusha 学者 Scholar
Gakusha 学舎 School (building)
Gakusha baka 学者馬鹿 “Scholar moron,” scholar who knows little of the ways of the world
Gakusha bimbō 学者貧乏 “Good scholars are seldom rich”
Gakusha buru 学者振る To be pedantic, to assume the air of a scholar
Gakusha hada 学者肌 or 学者膚 Scholarly bent of mind
Gakushi 学士 University graduate
Gakuto 学徒 Student, follower
Gama Sennin 蝦蟇仙人 “Toad Immortal,” one of the legendary sennin, usually depicted as a white three-legged toad
Gaman 我慢 Patience, endurance, perseverance, tolerance, self-control, self-denial
Gamaku ガマク Iliopsoas muscle used in waist rotation
Gaman kurabe 我慢比べ Test of wills
Gamanshiro 我慢しろ “Just deal with it”
Gamanzuyoi 我慢強い Bearing the unbearable
Gambatte 頑張って “Hold out”; “persevere”; “do your best”; “good luck”
Gan Eye or eyeball
Gan Face, look or countenance
Ganbaru 頑張る Exhortation to stand firm, hang in there, try harder, bear up
Ganbatte 頑張って Exhortation to hold out, persevere, do your best
Ganchū   Atemi point between the fifth and sixth rib
Gandomeken 眼留剣 “Eye-stopping knife,” type of shuriken or te no uchi
Ganjigarame 雁字搦め Bound hand and foot, immobile
Ganka 眼窩 Eye socket
Ganka   Kyūsho (vital point) between fifth and sixth ribs
Gankaku 岩鶴 “Crane on a rock,” kata
Gankaku dachi 岩鶴立ち Crane on a rock stance
Gankaku gamae 岩鶴構え Crane on a rock posture
Gankaku shō 岩鶴小 “Crane on a rock, minor,” kata
Ganken 岩拳 Rock fist
Ganken 頑健 Robust health, able-bodied
Ganko 頑固 Stubbornness; obstinacy
Gankō 眼孔 Eye socket
Gankō 眼光 Glint in eye, discernment
Gankōkeikei 眼光炯々or 眼光炯炯
Having piercing eyes; eagle eyed, having a penetrating insight
Gankooyaji 頑固親父 Obstinate father or pig-headed old man
Gankosen 頑固扇 “Stubborn fan,” classical Japanese weapon, type of bokusen
Gankōshihai 眼光紙背 Reading between the lines
Gankōshutei 眼高手低 Able to criticize but not create
Gankyū 眼球 Eyeball
Ganmen 顔面 Face
Ganmen geri 顔面蹴り Kick to the face
Ganmen o kitaeru 顔面を鍛える Face toughening
Ganmen shutō 顔面小刀 Sword hand to face
Ganriki 眼力 Sharp, penetrating gaze that discerns opponent’s intentions to dominate or control him/her; one of two types of metsuke in Daito ryū; insight; power of observation
Ganseki 岩石 Rock
Ganseki gamae 岩石構え Unshakeable posture
Ganseki otoshi 岩石落とし “Stone drop,” throw
Ganshiki 眼識 Insight, discernment, penetration
Ganso 元祖 Founder, originator, pioneer, first in a lineage, first in a Buddhist tradition
Gan soku tan riki 眼足胆力 Four key elements of kendō: sight, footwork, courage and power
Garō 餓狼 Hungry wolf
Garyō 雅量 Maganiminity; generosity; tolerance
Garyōtensei 画竜点睛 “Painting the eyes on the dragon”; finishing touches
Garyū 我流 Self-taught, one’s own way
Garyū 牙龍 or  牙竜 Dragon’s fang
Garyū 臥竜 or 臥龍 “Reclining dragon,” kata ; great man, exceptional person hidden among masses
Garyū dachi 臥竜立ち Reclining dragon stance
Garyū gamae 臥竜構え Reclining dragon posture
Gashinshōtan 臥薪嘗胆 Going through thick and thin to attain objective, enduring unspeakable hardship for sake of vengeance
Gasshuku 合宿 Training camp
Gasshō 合掌 “Joined palms,” pressing hands together, as in prayer
Gasshō gamae 構え Salutation posture
Gasshō no kamae 合掌の構え Salutation posture
Gasshō rei 合掌礼 Formal bow with hands held together
Gasshō uke 合掌受け Block with palm heels together
Gatkā ਗਤਕ (Punjabi)   Punjabi martial art
Gedan 下段 Low
Gedan ate 下段当て Low strike
Gedan awase teishō uke 下段合せ底掌受け Low combined palm heel block
Gedan awase zuki 下段合せ突き Downward U-punch
Gedan barai 下段払い Low sweep; lower block
Gedan barai, age uke 下段払い、揚げ受け Low sweep, rising block
Gedan barai, age zuki, jōdan uraken uchi, gedan barai, chūdan gyaku zuki 下段払い、揚げ突き、上段裏拳打ち、
Low sweeping block, uppercut, high backfist strike, mid-level reverse punch
Gedan barai, gedan barai, gedan barai, yama zuki 下段払い、下段払い、下段払い、山突き Low sweep, low sweep, low sweep, mountain punch
Gedan barai, gedan barai, jōdan tettsui uchi 下段払い、下段払い、上段鉄槌打ち
Low sweep, low sweep, high hammerfist strike
Gedan barai gyaku teishō uke 下段払い逆底掌受け Low sweeping reverse palm heel block
Gedan barai, jōdan gyaku zuki 下段払い、上段逆突き Low sweep, reverse punch to face
Gedan barai ni yoru tenshin 下段払いによる転身 Rotation with lower level sweep
Gedan barai te 下段払い手 Low sweeping hand
Gedan barai uke 下段払い受け Low sweeping block
Gedan barai, soto ude uke 下段払い、外腕受け Low sweep, right outside block
Gedan choku zuki 下段直突き Low straight punch; straight punch to the groin
Gedan empi suri uke 下段猿臂摺り受け Low sliding elbow block
Gedan fumi kiri 下段踏み切り Low cutting kick
Gedan gake uke 下段掛受け Low hooking block
Gedan gamae 下段構え Lower posture (hands held at lower level)
Gedan gasshō uke 下段合掌受け Low palms together block
Gedan geri 下段蹴り Low kicks
Gedan geri ni taishite no jōdan mawashi geri 下段蹴りに対しての上段回し蹴り Countering low kick with high roundhouse kick
Gedan geri ni taisuru zuki 下段蹴りに対する突き Counter low kick with punches
Gedan geri o sune uke sasete
kara no tobi jōdan mawashi geri
Low right roundhouse kick, feint second low right roundhouse kick, jumping high left roundhouse kick
Gedan haitō mawashi uke 下段背刀回し受け Downward ridgehand roundhouse block
Gedan haitō uchi 下段背刀打ち Low ridge-hand strike
Gedan haitō uke 下段背刀受け Low ridge hand block
Gedan haitō yoko uke 下段背刀横受け Low sideward reverse knife hand block
Gedan haiwan uke 下段背腕受け Low back arm block
Gedan hiji suri uke 下段肘摺り受け Low sliding elbow block
Gedan hiji uke 下段肘受け Low elbow block
Gedan hirate uke, jōdan haishu uke, ganmen shutō uchi, chūdan mae geri, mawashi empi uke, ganmen uraken uchi 下段平手受け、上段背手受け、顔面手刀打ち、 中段前蹴り、まわし猿臂受け、顔面裏拳打ち Low palm block, high back-of-hand block, sword-hand strike to face, mid-level front kick, roundhouse elbow block, backfist strike to face
Gedan jūdō 下段柔道 Jūdō in narrow or merely physical sense on the tatami; cf jōdan jūdō
Gedan jūji uke 下段十字受け Low cross block
Gedan jūji uke zuki 下段十字受け突き Low cross block punch
Gedan kake uke 下段掛け受け Low hooking block
Gedan kekomi 下段蹴込 Low thrust kick; thrust kick to groin
Gedan kesage 下段蹴下げ Low kick
Gedan koken uke 下段弧拳受け Low arc fist block
Gedan kōsa uke 下段交差受け Low cross block
Gedan kōsa zuki 下段交差突き Downward cross punch
Gedan kote uke 下段小手受け Low forearm block
Gedan no kuzushi kara ushiro mawashi geri 下段の崩しから後ろ廻し蹴り
Unbalance with low inside roundhouse kick, then spinning hook kick
Gedan mae geri 下段前蹴り Low front kick
Gedan mae kekomi 下段前蹴込 Low front thrust kick
Gedan mawashi geri 下段回し蹴り Low roundhouse kick
Gedan mawashi geri kara chūdan mae geri 下段回し蹴りから中段前蹴り Low roundhouse kick feint, middle-level front kick
Gedan mawashi geri ni taishi
mikazuki geri no kauntā
Crescent kick counter to low roundhouse kick
Gedan mawashi jōsokutei geri 下段回し上足底蹴り Lower level roundhouse kick with ball of foot
Gedan morote shōtei uke 下段諸手掌底受け Low double palm heel block
Gedan nagashi uke 下段流し受け Low flowing block
Gedan ni awase shintai de to iru zuki 下段に合わせ身体でと入る突き Whole body counter to low attack
Gedan ni oshidasu 下段に押し出す Downward thrust
Gedan no kamae 下段の構え Low posture
Gedan nukite 下段贯手 Low spear hand
Gedan o kawashite no keri 下段をかわしての蹴り Evade low-level attack and counter with kick
Gedan oroshi uke 下段下ろし受け Low descending blocks
Gedan osae uke 下段押え受け Low pressing block
Gedan oshidashi 下段押し出し Low push
Gedan otoshi teishō uke 下段落とし底掌受け Low dropping palm heel block
Gedan seiryūtō uke 下段青竜刀受け Low ox-jaw hand block
Gedan sempū barai 下段旋風払い Low whirlwind sweep
Gedan sempū barai, chūdan ura gyaku zuki 下段旋風払い、中段裏逆突き Low whirlwind sweep, mid-level inverted reverse punch
Gedan shōtei ate 下段掌底当て Low palm-heel smash
Gedan shōtei otoshi uke, chūdan tate nukite 下段掌底受け、中段縦貫手 Low palm-heel dropping block, mid-level vertical spear-hand strike
Gedan shōtei uke 下段掌底受け Low palm-heel block
Gedan shutō jūji uke 下段手刀十字受け Low sword-hand cross-block
Gedan shutō osae 下段手刀押え Low knife hand press
Gedan shutō uchi 下段手刀打ち Low sword hand strike
Gedan shutō uke 下段手刀受け Low knife hand block
Gedan shutō yoko barai uke 下段手刀横払い受け Low sideward slashing block
Gedan soete zuki 下段添え手突き Low attached punch
Gedan sokutō geri 下段足刀蹴り Low side kick
Gedan soto shutō uke 下段外手刀受け Low outside sword-hand block
Gedan soto sune uke 下段外臑受け Low outside shin block
Gedan soto ude uke 下段外腕受け Low outside arm block
Gedan soto uke 下段外受け Low outside block
Gedan sukui uke 下段掬い受け Low scooping block
Gedan sune uke 下段臑受け Low shin block
Gedan tate zuki 下段縦突突き Low vertical punch
Gedan teishō yoko uke 下段底掌横受け Low palm-heel side block
Gedan teisoku osae uke 下段低足押え受け Low sole of the foot pressing block
Gedan tekubi gake uke 下段手首掛受け Low bent wrist hooking block
Gedan tettsui uchi 下段 鉄槌打ち Low hammerfist strike or downward hammerfist strike
Gedan uchi barai 下段内払い Low inside pushing block, from outside to inside
Gedan uchikomi 下段打ち込み Low strike
Gedan uchi shutō uke 下段内手刀受け Low inside sword-hand block
Gedan uchi sune uke 下段内臑受け Low inside shin block
Gedan uchi ude uke 下段内腕受け Low inside arm block
Gedan uchi uke 下段内受け Low inside block
Gedan uke 下段受け Low block; sometimes synonymous with gedan barai
Gedan uke nagashi 下段受け流し Low flowing block
Gedan uke zuki 下段受け突き Low punch block
Gedan ura mawashi geri 下段裏回し蹴り Low level hook kick
Gedan ushiro kakato geri 下段後ろ踵蹴り Low back kick with heel
Gedan ushiro mawashi geri 下段後ろ回し蹴り Low spinning hook kick
Gedan wa uke 下段和受け Low union block, using open palm
Gedan yoko barai uke 下段横払い受け Low side sweeping block
Gedan yoko geri 下段横蹴り Low side kick
Gedan yoko zuki 下段横突き Low side punch
Gedan zukami waza 下段掴み技 Low grasping technique
Gedan zuki 下段突き Low punch
Gedan zuki uke 下段突き受け Low punch block
Geidō 芸道 or 藝道 The way of art
Geijutsu 芸術 Art
Geijutsuka 芸術家 Artist
Geki Beat, attack, conquer; fire, shoot, charge, rush
Gekigan   Japanese flail weapon, ball and chain
Gekiha dai ichi 撃破第一 Kata
Gekiha dai ni 撃破第二 Kata
Gekiken 撃剣 Fencing; throwing star
Gekiken kōgyō 撃剣興行 Public demonstrations of martial arts
Gekisai 撃砕 “To defeat by smashing,” kata series
Gekisai Dai Ichi 撃砕第一 “To defeat by smashing, number one,”
Gekisai Dai Ni 撃砕第二 “To defeat by smashing, number two,”
Gekitotsubuki 撃突武器 “Hit and thrust weapons,” category of classical Japanese weapons, such as the dokko, whose ends are used to attack weak points of body
Gekitotsubukijutsu 撃突武器術 Art of using gekitotsubuki, hit and thrust weapons
Gekken 撃剣 Old name for kendō or kenjutsu
Gekokujō 下剋上 Disruption; juniors dominating seniors; retainer supplanting his lord
Gekon     Atemi point just below the lower lip
Gen Fist
Genbu 玄武 "Black tortoise,” kata
Genbukan 玄武館 Modern Japanese fighting system, founded 1984 by Tanemura Shoto
Gendai budō 現代武道 Modern martial way
Gendai jūjutsu 現代柔術 Modern forms of jūjutsu founded after the Meiji Restoration, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Gendaitō 現代刀 Traditionally forged sword blades made by modern smiths
Gendō 言動 Words and deeds
Gendō ittchi 言動一致 Concurrent practice of actions and words
Gendo maai 限度間含い Two step distance
Genkan 玄関 Entrance, mud room
Genki desu ka 元気ですか “How are you?”
Genko 拳固 Fist
Genkotsu 拳骨 Fist; attacking vital points
Genri 原理 Principle, theory or fundamental truth
Gensei ryū 玄制流 Karate style developed by Seiken Shukumine (1925-2001); “to control the universe” or “to pursue the deep truth and make it clear through form”
Genshin 幻心 To be in tune with attack, so next move can be predicted; high level of intuition and sensitivity
Gensoku 原則 Principle
Gesokutei 下足底 Bottom of heel
Genwakai 玄和会 Okinawan karate ryū; offshoot of Gensei ryū
-geri 蹴り Kick, when used as a suffix
Getabako 下駄箱 Shoe rack in the genkan of a Japanese home or dōjō
Gi Technique, skill, craft
Gi Right conduct or righteousness
Gi Doubt, one of the shikai
Gigeki   Word for Chinese kempō in Warring States Period (476 BCE - 221 BCE)
Gijutsu 技術 Technique or skill
Gikō 技巧 Technique, finesse; Chinese kempō in Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE)
Gikō 技工 Craft, craftsman
Gikōteki 技巧的 Technically accomplished, polished
Gikyō 義侠 Chivalry; generosity
Gikyōshin 義侠心 Chivalrous spirit
Gima Shinken 儀間真謹 (1896 -1989) Okinawan karateka
Gimu 義務 Duty; responsibility
Ginbō 銀棒 Jutte, “silver stick” because some jutte were plated silver
Ginō 技能 Skill
Giri 義理 Duty or obligation
Giryo 疑慮 Doubt, one of the heijutsu no sanbyo, the three sicknesses of the martial arts
Giryō 技量 or 技倆 or 伎倆 Ability, competency, talent, skill, capacity
Gishiki 儀式 Ceremony, rite, ritual, service; also giten
Giten 儀典 Ceremony, rite, ritual, service; also gishiki
Gitō 儀刀 Ceremonial imitation sword, often made of wood
Giwa dan 義和団 The Boxers of the Boxer Rebellion
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