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Ha Blade or sword edge
Ha Break, destroy, defeat; break down or analyse
Ha Sect, faction, school, as in ryūha
Ha Tooth
Habaki Sword collar for a Japanese sword
Habiki 刃引 Bated sword; metal-bladed sword, sharp or bated
Habu 波布 Poisonous Okinawan snake
Hachi Eight; eight is a special number in Japanese martial arts, with connotations of infinity
Hachidan 八段 Eighth degree black belt; eighth rank
Hachihenkei 八辺形 Octagon
Hachiji ashi dachi 八字足立ち Character eight stance
Hachiji dachi 八字立ち Stance with feet set like kanji for eight, 八
Hachiji gamae 八字構え Character eight posture
Hachiji mawashi 八字回し Wide circular or figure eight movemen
Hachiji zuki 八字突き ¾ twisting punch
Hachimaki 鉢巻 or 鉢巻き Japanese head wrap or head scarf worn as a symbol of perseverance or effort
Hachimon 八門 “Eight gates,” kata
Hachimonji 八文字 In the shape of the character 八
Hachi no ji dachi 八字の立ち Shizentai
Hachiwari 鉢割 Helmet splitter
Hachō 破調 Asymmetrical balance; intentional unevenness; broken rhythm
Hada Skin
Hada ga au 肌が会う “Our skins meet,” so we get along well
Hadaka jime 裸絞め Naked choke
Hadami 肌身 Body
Hadashi 裸足 or 跣 or 跣足 Barefoot
Hade 派手 Too loud or garish, gaudy or showy
Hade 羽手 Attacking vital points unarmed, another name for jūjutsu
Ha gaeshi 刃返し Reversing a weapon so its cutting edge faces 180° from its original position
Hagaijime 羽交い絞め or 羽交絞め Restraining technique similar to a full nelson; pinioning; binding arms behind back
Hagakure 叶隠 In the Shadow of Leaves, guidebook for samurai by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Hagane Steel
Ha ga nuketa 歯がぬけた To have teeth knocked out
Haguki 歯茎 or 齦 Gums
Hai はい Yes; I’m listening; I understand:; I’m thinking about it; no
Hai Lungs
Hai Lose, be beaten, be defeated
Hai 這い “Crawling” movement in Taikiken
Haiai nage   Wrist side throw
Haibu 背部 Back, back area, back rib area
Haibu yori 背部より From behind
Haidate 佩楯 Part of samurai armor protecting the thighs
Hai dōzo はいどうぞ Yes, please
Haiin 敗因 Cause of one’s defeat
Haikan 肺肝 Lungs and livers; depths of one’s heart, innermost heart
Haiken 背拳 Thumb-side fist
Hai kikku ni taishi, ushiro mawashi de kauntā o toru ハイ キックに対し 、
Hook kick counter to high kick attack
Hai kikku ni taisuru difensu ハイキックにたいするディフェンス
Defense against high kick
Haikin 背筋 Back muscles or muscles along spine
Haikin ryoku 背筋力 Power of back muscles
Haimen hasami uchi 背面鋏打ち Rear scissors strike
Haimen zuki 背面附 Defense against a pistol in the back
Haishin undō 背身運動 Back stretching exercise
Haishu 背手 Back hand
Haishu age uchi 背手揚げ打ち Back hand rising strike
Haishu awase gamae 背手合せ構え Combined back of hands posture
Haishu awase uke 背手合せ受け Backhand combined block
Haishu jūji uke 背手十字受け Backhand cross block
Haishu osae uke 背手押え受け  Back of hand pressing block
Haishu osae uke, chūdan shutō uchi   背手押さえ受け、中段手刀打ち Back of hand pressing block, mid-level sword-hand strike
Haishu otoshi uke 右背手落とし受け Back of hand dropping block
Haishu sasae uke 背手支え受け Supported backhand block
Haishu uchi 背手打ち Strike with back of hand
Haishu uke 背手受け Block with back of hand
Haishu uke, empi uchi dōji hiza osae 背手受け、猿臂打ち同時膝押さえ Back-of-hand block, driving elbow strike with knee press
Haishu uke, mae te osae uke, tate nukite... 背手受け、前手押さえ受け、縦貫手... Back of hand block, front hand pressing block, vertical spear-hand...
Haisoku 背足 “Reverse foot,” instep
Haisoku ashi barai 背足足払い Foot sweep with instep
Haisoku barai uke 背足払い受け Instep sweeping block
Haisoku soto oroshi mawashi geri 背足外下ろし回し蹴り Outside descending instep roundhouse kick, high roundhouse kick with shin or instep
Hai tekubi osae uke 背手首 押さえ受け  Pressing block with back of wrist
Hai tekubi chūdan osae uke 背手首中段 押さえ受け  Middle level pressing block with back of wrist
Haitō 背刀 “Back sword”; ridge hand or inner knife hand
Haitō 佩刀 Carrying a sword
Haitō age uchi 背刀揚げ打ち Rising ridge hand strike
Haitō gedan barai 背刀下段払い Lower area sweeping block using the inside edge of the open hand
Haitō gedan sokumen uke 背刀下段側面受け Lower level side ridge hand block
Haitō gedan uke 背刀下段受け Lower level ridge hand block
Haitō goshi gamae 背刀 腰構え Ridge hand hip posture
Haitō kakiwake 背刀 掻き分け Ridge hand wedging
Haitō kakiwake uke 背刀 掻き分け受け Ridge hand wedge block
Haitō morote uchi uke 背刀両手内 受け Augmented inside ridgehand block
Haitōrei 廃刀令 Meiji government edict banning the wearing of swords in public
Haitō sasae uke 背刀支え受け Supported ridge hand block
Haitō soto uke jōdan 背刀外受け上段 Upper level ridge hand outside block,
Haitō sukui nage 背刀救い投げ Ridge hand scooping throw
Haitō uchi 背刀打ち Ridge hand strike
Haitō uchi chūdan 背刀打ち中段 Middle level ridge hand strike
Haitō uchi gedan 背刀打ち下段 Lower level ridge hand strike
Haitō uchi jōdan 背刀打ち上段 Upper level ridge hand strike
Haitō uchi uke 背刀打内受け
Inside ridgehand block
Haitō uchi uke, shutō gedan barai, nukite
背刀内受け、手刀下段払い、逆突き Inside ridgehand block, sword-hand lower sweep, spear hand
Haitō uke 背刀受け Ridge hand block
Haitō yoko mawashi uchi 背刀横回し打ち Sideways roundhouse ridgehand strike
Haitō yoko mawashi uchi (soto) 背刀横回し打ち外 Sideways outward roundhouse ridgehand strike
Haitō yoko mawashi uchi (uchi) 背刀横回し打ち内 Sideways inward roundhouse ridgehand strike
Haitsui 背槌 Thumb hammer
Haiwan 背腕 Back arm
Haiwan gedan uke 背腕下段受け Lower level block with back of forearm
Haiwan jōdan uchi nagashi uke 背腕上段内 流し受け Upper level back of arm inside flowing block
Haiwan nagashi uke 背腕流し受け Back arm sweeping block
Haiwan nagashi uke, shutō uchi 背腕流し受け、手刀打ち Back-of-arm flowing block, sword-hand strike
Haiwan sokumen jōdan yoko uke 背腕側面上段横受け Upper level block to side with back arm
Haiwan uke 背腕受け Back arm block
Hai 肺臓 Lung
Hajiki 弾き Snapping finger strike; repelling; gun
Hajiki uke 弾き受け Snapping block
Hajime 始め Begin
Hajime kara 初めから From the beginning
Hajō no ude tate 波状の腕立て Wavelike pushups
Hakai 破壊 Destruction, disruption
Hakai no bi 破壊の美 Beauty of destruction
Hakaisuru 破壊する Destroy, break, demolish
Hakama Divided skirt
Hakama sabaki 袴捌き Spreading the hakama legs to the left and right; walking, training and sitting in hakama
Hakase 博士 Expert, learned man; doctorate
Hakase Sword being worn
Hakkai shiki 発会式 Opening procedures or ceremonies, as in the beginning of a class; cf heikai shiki
Hakkakkei 八角形 Octagon or octagonal
Hakkakkei nunchaku 八角形 ヌンチャク Octagonal nunchaku
Hakkaku bō 八角棒 Octagonal
Hakka kuen 客家拳   General name for kung fu styles of the Hakka community in South China
Hakkakukei 八角形 Octagon or octagonal
Hakke 八卦 Eight trigrams
Hakke ken 八卦拳 Bāguàzhǎng
Hakkeyoi はっけよい “Keep at it”; “Get moving!”, called out by the gyōji (referee) to commence a sumō match
Hakkō   Original name of the kata Sōchin
Hakkō dori 八光捕り Escape technique from a kneeling position
Hakkō ryū 八光流 “Eighth light school,” gendai jūjutsu, founded 1938 by Okuyama Ryuho (1901-1987)
Hakobiashi 運び足 Walking with bent knees to strengthen thighs and improve balance (sumō)
Haku White
Haku 吐く To breathe; to exhale; to tell lies; to vomit or disgorge
Haku Yin energy; spirit; one of two parts of the soul, associated with yin and descending into earth after death
Haku 穿く To affix a sword to one’s hip or a bowstring to a bow
Haku Chō 白鳥 “White bird,” karatedō kata
Hakuda 白打 Unarmed close combat techniques; “white strike”; atemi; striking vital points; Okinawan name for kung fu
Hakude 白手 Another name for jūjutsu
Hakudōkyō shuriken 白銅鏡手裏剣 Disc-shaped throwing weapon with edged circumference
Hakugeki 迫撃 Close attack
Haku geri 掃く蹴り Inwards crescent kick
Hakuhei sen 白兵戦 Close combat
Hakujin 白人 Caucasian
Hakujin 白刃 Exposed blade or drawn sword
Hakujin issen 白刃一閃 With a flash of a drawn sword
Hakushoku 白色 White

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