Jadō - Jōdan zuki uke
Jōdō - Jūyō Mukei Bunkazai Hojisha     Glossary Index
Jabu, ippo hidari ashi o fumikonde, migi rō ジャブ、一歩左足を踏み込、右ロー Jab, step in with left foot, right low kick
Jabu kara chūdan ushiro mawashi geri ジャブから中段後ろ回し蹴り
Jab to mid-level spinning hook kick
Jabu no sashi ai o seisuru ジヤブの刺しあいを制する Southpaw out-jabbing orthodox fighter
Jabu o kurosu de tatakiotosu ジヤブをクロスで叩き落とす Knock down jab with hook punch
Jadō 邪道 Way of evil, heresy
Jaken 蛇拳 “Snake fist,” karatedo kata
Jaku Still, silent, quiet, desolate
Jaku Weak, feeble, frail, delicate; weakness
Jakuniku kyōshoku 弱肉強食 “The weak are meat; the strong eat”; survival of the fittest
Jakuten 弱点 Weak point, weakness
Jari bako 砂利箱 Sand box or gravel box for hand conditioning; cf sunabako
Jeet Kune Do 截拳道   “The way of the intercepting fist,” style founded by Bruce Lee
Jerakhae faad hang จระเข้ฟาดหาง Crocodile tail thrash
Ji Earth; skin; texture; one’s true nature; narrative; real life; region
Ji Character, letter, writing, script or shape
Ji Technique, individual concrete phenomenon, as contrasted to ri
Jiai no kamae 慈愛の構え Kindness and love posture, open hand covers the fist
Jibun 自分 Oneself, myself
Jibun no tsukuri 自分の作り Preparing oneself; cf aite no tsukuri
Jibun o kitaeru 自分を鍛える To temper oneself
Jidai 時代 Japanese historical period; eg Sengoku jidai (Warring States Period, 1467-1568)
Jiffa Okinawan hair pin
Jiffa Okinawan Karate-dō kata ( which uses the Okinawan hair pin
Jiga 自我 Self or ego
Jiga deru 地が出る To reveal one’s true colors; to betray oneself
Jigai 自害 Suicide of a samurai; form of seppuku by cutting the throat, practiced by women
Jiga ishiki 自我意識 Self conciousness
Jiga jisan 自画自賛 “Praising one’s own work of art,” self-praise and promotion
Jiga jitsugen 自我実現 Self realization
Jiga kujishū 自学自習 Teaching oneself
Jigane 地金 Steel from which Japanese swords are made; one’s true character
Ji geiko 地稽古 General method of keiko in which trainee polishes techniques, disciplines the mind, and works to overcome weak points
Jigen no sai   Sai kata created by Taira Shinken
Jigen ryū 示現流 “School of revealed reality,” koryū kenjutsu
Jigo hontai 自護本体 Basic defensive posture; crouching defensive posture
Jigō jitoku 自業自得 “One’s act, one’s profit”; you reap what you sow (proverb)
Jigoku 地獄 Hell (Buddhist)
Jigoku jime 地獄絞め “Hell strangle,” Kōdōkan jūdō shime waza
Jigoku otoshi 地獄落 “Hell drop,” aiki throw
Jigotai 自護体 Defensive posture in jūdō; variation of shiko dachi in Shinjinbukan
Jigotai dachi 自護体立ち Basic defensive stance
Jihi 慈悲 Benevolence, compassion, charity, mercy
Jihisatsu 慈悲殺 Mercy killing (euthanasia performed to end someone's suffering, but without consent
Jihishin 慈悲心 Benevolence
Jihyō gamae   Antenna position
Ji’in 慈陰 “Love of truth,” karate kata; name of Buddhist saint
Jijō jibaku 自縄自縛 Being caught in one’s own trap
Jikaku 自覚 Self realization; self awareness; self consciousness
Jikan 時間 Time
Jikan ga tadeba wakaru 時間がたてば分かる “Time will tell”
Jika tabi 地下足袋 Split toed Japanese boots modeled after tabi
Jikatsu 自活 Self reliance, self support
Jikishinkage ryū 直心影流 Koryū kenjutsu;
Jikishin ryū 直心流 Koryū kenjutsu; founded by Kamiya Denshinai
Jikkō 実行 Self-light; self-realization
Jikochūshin 自己中心 Selfishness, egotism, egocentricity
Jikohoni 自己本位 Self-centeredness, selfishness, egotism
Jikoshugi 自己主義 Egoism
Jiku ashi 軸足 Pivot foot; the stationary foot when moving from one stance to another
Jiman no kuso wa inu made mo kuwanu 自慢のくそは犬までも 食わぬ “Not even a dog will eat the shit of a braggart” (proverb)
-jime 絞め Choke or strangle (combination form)
Jimi 地味 Having a naturalistic, subdued and subtle character; plan, simple, sober
Jin Edge, sword, blade
Jin Person
Jin Kidney
Jin Benevolence
Jinan 次男 Second son
Jinbu 刃部 Blade edge, part of sword that cuts
Jinbun ni katsu 人文に勝つ Victory over the self
Jinchū 尽忠 Loyalty
Jinchū 人中 Philtrum
Jindachi 陣太刀 Sword designed specifically for use on battlefield
Jindachi zukuri 陣太刀造り Mounting for jindachi
Jindai 神代 Ancient time or time of the gods
Jinenkan 自然舘 “Hall of nature,” hybrid Japanese system that trains multiple weapons, founded by Manaka Fumio
Jing Essence or kidney essence (Chinese), one of the Three Treasures
Jingama 陣鎌 “Battle camp scythe,” classical Japanese weapon
Jingasa 陣笠 Samurai hats
Jīngquándào 精拳道 Modern synthetic Chinese martial art
Jīngwǔmén 精武門 Famous kung fu school in Shanghai that teaches several different styles
Jinja 神社 Shintō shrine
Jinkaku 人格 Personality, character, individuality
Jinkakusha 人格者` Man of character
Jinkyō 仁侠 or 任侠 Chivalry; generosity; heroism; helping the weak and fighting the strong
Ji no kamae 地の構え “Ground posture,” raised knee squat
Jinpū gamae 陣風構え Gale posture
Jinshin 人心 Human nature; human heart; human spirit; kindness; sympathy
Jin shin dō 仁神道 “The way of the compassionate spirit,” mild form of accupressure
Jintō 陣刀 Japanese war sword
Jinzō 腎臓 Kidney
Jinzō katsu 腎臓活 “Kidney resuscitation” method of kappō
Jion 慈恩 Kata ; temple and Buddhist saint
Jion gamae 慈恩構え Jion posture
Jiri icchi 事理一致 Unification of technique and theory
Jiriki 地力 One’s own potential or strength, real ability
Jiriki 自力 By oneself or self-made
Jiriki hongan 自力本願 Salvation by one’s own efforts, self reliance
Jiriki kōsei 自力更正 Working out one’s salvation by one’s own efforts
Jishin 慈心 Benevolence, mercy
Jishin 自身 By oneself, personally
Jishin 自信 Self-confidence
Jishinka 自信満々 Someone who has great confidence or faith in him/herself
Jishin kajō 自信過剰 Overconfident, presumptuous
Jishin manman 自信満々or 自信満満 Full of confidence, having great faith in oneself
Jishin nashi 自信なし [I am] uncertain
Jishin sōshitsu 自信喪失 Loss of confidence, inferiority complex
Jishū 自修 or 自習 Self study
Jishū geiko 自修稽古 Solitary practice
Jishuku 自粛 Self control, self discipline, self restraint; apology followed by reclusion when caught doing something
Jishū undō 自修運動 Personal training
Jissen 実践 Practice (as opposed to theory)
Jissen 実戦 Real combat; realistic fighting
Jissen gumite 実戦组手 Full-contact fighting
Jissen kyūkō 実践躬行 Acting up to one’s principles
Jisui 自炊 Cooking for oneself
Jita kyōei 自他共栄 Mutual benefit, Kanō Jigorō’s second principle of jūdō
Jitsu Truth; reality; sincerity, honesty, fidelity; substance; good result
Jitsu ryoku 実力 Real ability, true strength, merit, efficiency, competence
Jitsu ryoku gata 実力方 Man of real ability (Funakoshi Gichin)
Jitsu ryoku kōshi 実力行使 Use of force
Jitsu ryoku shidai 実力次第 According to (depending on) one’s ability; if one is good (competent, talented) enough
Jitte 十手 Two pronged metal weapon with one prong shorter than the other
Jitte 十手 “Ten hands,” karate kata
Jitte jutsu 十手術 Art of using jitte
Jiǔjiébiān 九节鞭 Nine sectional whip chain, a soft weapon of kung fu
Jiyū 自由 Free; freedom
Jiyū dachi 自由立ち Free fighting stance; free stance
Jiyū gamae 自由構え Free posture
Jiyū geiko 自由稽古 Free practice; freely choosing what one studies and trains
Jiyū ippon gumite 自由一本組手 Semi-free one attack sparring
Jiyū gumite 自由組手 Free sparring
Jiyū no kamae 自由の構え Freestyle on guard posture
Jiyū renshū 自由練習 Free practice, in which one moves about, training with others informally
Jiyū waza 自由技 “Free” practice subject to certain restrictions, more limited than randori
Jizō 地蔵 Protective deity of children, travelers and souls in the underworld
Jo Slowly
Short stick
Upper or high
Always, constant, continually
Place, space, room
Rope or cord
Jō awase 杖合わせ Jō exercises
Jōbutsu 成仏 Enter Nirvana; attain Buddhahood; die well; rest in peace
Jō chū awase uke 上中合せ受け High low combined block,
Jō chū ni renkō 上中二連攻 Attack to the head followed by an attack to the body
Jō chū jō san renkō 上中上三連攻 Attack to the hand, then body, then head
Jodag     A tight collarless short-sleeved jacket worn in Mongolian wrestling
Jōdan 上段 High
Jōdan age seiken uchi 上段揚げ正拳打ち High rising forefist strike
Jōdan age teishō uke 上段揚底掌受け
High rising palm-heel block
Jōdan age teishō uke, chūdan osae uke,
  chūdan gyaku zuki
High rising palm-heel block, mid-level pressing block,
mid-level reverse punch
Jōdan age uchi 上段揚げ打ち High rising strike
Jōdan age uke 上段揚げ受け High rising block
Jōdan age uke, chūdan ura zuki, ashi barai, gedan mae geri 上段揚げ受け、中段裏突き、足払い、下段前蹴り High rising block, mid-level inverted punch, foot sweep, low front kick
Jōdan age zuki 上段揚げ突き High rising punch
Jōdan aiwan nagashi uke 上段相腕背腕流し受け High reciprocal flowing block
Jōdan ate 上段当て High strike
Jōdan awase shutō uchi 上段合せ手刀打ち High two handed sword hand strike
Jōdan barai 上段払い High sweep
Jōdan choku zuki 上段直突き High straight punch
Jōdan de sasotte hidari chūdan mawashi geri 上段で誘って左中段回し蹴り Middle-level punch, feint upper-level roundhouse kick, then mid-level roundhouse kick
Jōdan empi suri uke 上段猿臂摺り受け High sliding elbow block
Jōdan empi uchi dōji ushiro gedan uke 上段猿臂打ち 同時後ろ下段受け
High elbow strike together with backwards lower level block
Jōdan furi uchi 上段振り打ち High swinging strike
Jōdan furi uke 上段振り受け High swinging block
Jōdan gamae 上段構え High posture
Jōdan gamae kara hasami uke 上段構えから鋏受け Scissor block after luring opponent with a high posture
Jōdan geri 上段蹴り High kick
Jōdan geri tai chūdan geri 上段蹴り対中段蹴り High kick versus mid-level kick
Jōdan gyaku age uke 上段逆揚げ受け High reverse rising block
Jōdan gyaku mawashi zuki 上段逆回し突き High reverse roundhouse punch
Jōdan gyaku oi zuki 上段逆追い突き High reverse lunge punch
Jōdan gyaku soto uraken uchi 上段逆外裏拳打ち High reverse outward backfist strike
Jōdan gyaku tate zuki 上段逆縦突き
High reverse vertical punch
Jōdan gyaku uke 上段逆受け High reverse block
Jōdan gyaku zuki 上段逆突き High reverse punch
Jōdan gyaku zuki, jōdan gyaku zuki 上段逆突き、上段逆突き
High reverse punch, high reverse punch
Jōdan gyaku zuki, nage, otoshi gyaku zuki 上段逆突き、投げ、落とし逆突き High reverse punch, takedown, dropping reverse punch
Jōdan haishu jūji uke 上段背手十字受け High back of hand cross block
Jōdan haishu jūji uke, chūdan mawashi geri,
  ushiro mawashi empi uchi
High open-hand cross block, mid-level roundhouse kick, spinning back elbow strike
Jōdan haishu jūji uke, tekubi dori,
  chūdan mawashi geri, chūdan mawashi empi uchi
High back of hand cross block, wrist grasp, mid-level roundhouse kick, mid-level roundhouse elbow strike
Jōdan haishu uchi 上段背手打ち High back of hand strike
Jōdan haishu uke 上段背手受け High back of hand block
Jōdan haitō uchi 上段背刀打ち High ridge hand strike
Jōdan haitō uke 上段背刀受け High ridge hand block
Jōdan haiwan nagashi uke 上段背腕流し受け High back of arm flowing block
Jōdan haiwan uke 上段背腕受け High back of arm block
Jōdan hajiki uke 上段弾き受け High snapping block
Jōdan harai uke 上段払い受け High sweeping block
Jōdan hasami uke, chūdan mae geri 上段鋏受け、中段前蹴り High scissor block, mid-level front kick
Jōdan heikō tate shutō uke 上段並行縦手刀受け High parallel vertical sword hand block
Jōdan heikō uke 上段並行受け High parallel block
Jōdan heikō ura zuki 上段並行裏突き High parallel inverted punch
Jōdan hiji suri uke 上段肘摺り受け High sliding elbow block
Jōdan hiki uke 上段引き受け High pulling block
Jōdan hiza geri 上段膝蹴り High knee strike
Jōdan jūdō 上段柔道 Jūdō in wider or more elevated sense, including but not limited to the physical, cf gedan jūdō
Jōdan jūji uke 上段十字受け High cross block
Jōdan jūji uke, morote gedan barai,
  jōdan jūji uke, tekubi dori, chūdan gyaku zuki
High cross block, double lower sweep,
high cross block, wrist grasp, reverse punch to the body
Jōdan jun zuki 上段順突き
High front punch
Jōdan jun zuki, chūdan gyaku zuki 上段順突き、中段逆突き
High front punch, mid-level reverse punch
Jōdan kagi zuki 上段鉤突き High hook punch
Jōdan kaishu uchi uke, shutō ganmen uchi 上段開手内受け、手刀顔面打ち High open-hand inside block, sword-hand strike to face
Jōdan kaiten geri 上段回転蹴り Upper level wheel kick
Jōdan kaiten ushiro geri 上段回転後ろ蹴り High spinning back kick
Jōdan kake oroshi 上段掛け下ろし High parry
Jōdan kake shutō uke 上段掛け手刀受け High hooking sword hand block
Jōdan kake uke 上段掛け受け High hooking block
Jōdan kakiwake uke 上段掻き分け受け High reverse wedge block
Jōdan kakutō uke 上段鶴頭受け High crane head wrist block
Jōdan kekomi 上段蹴込 High thrust kick
Jōdan kizami tate zuki 上段刻み縦突き Lead-side jab to face
Jōdan kizami zuki 上段刻み突き High jab
Jōdan kizami zuki, haiwan nagashi uke, fudō dachi uraken uchi 上段刻み突き、背腕流し受け、壮鎮立ち裏拳打ち Jab to the face, back-of-arm flowing block, backfist strike in immovable stance
Jōdan kizami zuki, jōdan hirate harai uke dōji ashi barai,
  chūdan ura zuki
Jab to the face, high sweeping palm block with foot sweep,
mid-level body shot
Jōdan kizami zuki, tenshin, kizami zuki 上段刻み突き、転身、刻み突き Jab to the face, turn, jab
Jōdan kizami zuki, zenkutsu dachi jōdan uraken uchi,
  zenkutsu dachi chūdan gyaku zuki
Jab to the face, high backfist strike in front stance,
mid-level reverse punch in front stance
Jōdan kokō morote uke 上段虎口諸手受け High two-handed tiger mouth block
Jōdan ko uke 上段弧受け High arc block
Jōdan kō uke 上段甲受け High back of hand block
Jōdan koken uke 上段弧拳受け High bent wrist block
Jōdan kōsa uke 上段交差受け High cross-armed block;
Jōdan mae empi 上段前猿臂 High front elbow (strike)
Jōdan mae geri 上段前蹴り High front kick
Jōdan mae geri, suteppu in & migi sutorēto, jōdan mae geri 上段前蹴り、ステップイン &
右ストレート、 上段前蹴り
High front kick, step in & straight right, high front kick
Jōdan mae kakato geri 上段前踵蹴り High front kick with heel
Jōdan mae mawashi empi uchi 上段前猿臂打ち High front roundhouse elbow strike
Jōdan mae te zuki, chūdan mikazuki geri, jōdan mae empi 上段前手突き、中段三日月蹴り、 上段前猿臂
Hand front-hand punch, mid-level crescent kick, high front elbow
Jōdan mae zuki, chūdan gyaku zuki, jōdan mawashi geri 上段前突き、中段逆突き、上段回し蹴り High front-hand punch, mid-level reverse punch, high roundhouse kick
Jōdan mae zuki, jōdan gyaku zuki,
   ashi barai, otoshi gyaku zuki
上段前突き、上段逆突き、足払い、落とし逆突き High front punch, high reverse punch, foot sweep, dropping reverse punch
Jōdan mae zuki, jōdan gyaku zuki,
   uchi ashi barai, gedan yoko geri
上段前突き、上段逆突き、内足払い、下段横蹴り High front punch, high reverse punch, inside foot sweep, side kick to face
Jōdan mawashi geri 上段回し蹴り High roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri,
  awase shutō uke dōji jōdan kizami mawashi geri
High roundhouse kick,
combined sword-hand block with high front leg roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri, chūdan gyaku zuki 上段回し蹴り、中段逆突き High roundhouse kick, mid-level reverse punch
Jōdan mawashi geri, hidari te uke, jōdan jun zuki,
  chūdan gyaku zuki, gedan uke, jōdan mawashi geri
High roundhouse kick, block with left hand, high lunge punch,
mid-level reverse punch, low block, high roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri, jōdan kizami gyaku zuki,
  tate shutō hanashi
上段廻し蹴り、 上段刻み逆突き、縦手刀放し High roundhouse kick, high jab reverse punch, vertical sword-hand
Jōdan mawashi geri, jōdan ura mawashi geri 上段回し蹴り、上段裏回し蹴り High roundhouse kick, high hook kick
Jōdan mawashi geri kara seiken zuki 上段廻し蹴りから正拳突き
High roundhouse kick followed by straight punch
Jōdan mawashi geri, mesen de feiku o kakeru,
  chūdan mawashi geri
High roundhouse kick, fake with eyes, mid-level roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri, nage, otoshi gyaku zuki 上段回し蹴り、投げ、落とし逆突き High roundhouse kick feint, takedown, dropping reverse punch
Jōdan mawashi geri ni
  misekaketa chūdan mawashi geri
Feint upper-level roundhouse kick, then mid-level roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri no daburu 上段回し蹴りのダブル Double upper-level roundhouse kick combination
Jōdan mawashi geri no feinto kara,
  tobi ushiro geri
Feint upper-level roundhouse kick, then jumping back kick
Jōdan mawashi geri o hazushite zuki komu 上段回し蹴りを外して突き込む Bodyshot counter after blocking upper-level roundhouse kick
Jōdan mawashi geri o ukete ushiro geri.
  Hensoku ushiro mawashi geri
Block high roundhouse kick, then back kick or spinning hook kick
Jōdan mawashi geri tai shutō uchi 上段回し蹴り対手刀打ち High roundhouse kick versus sword-hand strike
Jōdan mawashi geri, uchimata gedan mawashi geri 上段廻し蹴り、内股下段廻し蹴り
High roundhouse kick, low roundhouse kick to inside of thigh
Jōdan mawashi teishō uke 上段回し底掌受け High roundhouse palm heel block
Jōdan mawashi zuki 上段回し突き High roundhouse punch
Jōdan morote haiwan uke 上段諸手背腕受け High two-handed back arm block
Jōdan morote kake uke 上段諸手掛け受け High augmented hooking block
Jōdan morote teishō uke 上段諸手底掌受け High double palm heel block
Jōdan morote tenshō uke 上段諸手 転掌受け High two-handed rolling hand block,
Jōdan morote uke 上段諸手受け High augmented block
Jōdan morote uke, chūdan uchi uke, chūdan mae geri 上段諸手受け、中段内受け、中段前蹴り 
Upper level augmented block, mid-level inside block, mid-level front kick
Jōdan morote zukami uke 上段諸手掴み受け High two-handed grasping block
Jōdan morote zuki 上段諸手突き High two-handed punch
Jōdan nagashi uke 上段流し受け High flowing block
Jōdan nagashi uke, chūdan shutō uchi 上段流し受け、中段手刀打ち High flowing block, mid-level sword-hand strike
Jōdan nekoze ken uke 上段猫脊拳受け  High cat back fist block
Jōdan nihon nukite 上段二本貫手 High two finger spearhand
Jōdan nukite 上段贯手 High spear hand
Jōdan oi geri 上段追い蹴り High lunge kick
Jōdan oi mawashi zuki 上段追い回し突き High roundhouse punch
Jōdan oi soto uraken uchi 上段追い外裏拳打ち High lunge outwards backfist strike
Jōdan oi uke 上段追い受け High lunge block
Jōdan oi zuki 上段追い突き High lunge punch
Jōdan oi zuki, age uke, jōdan mawashi geri,
  tate shutō uke, gyaku tate zuki
High lunge punch, rising block, high roundhouse kick,
vertical sword-hand block, reverse punch
Jōdan oi zuki, hirate barai,
  teishō yoko mawashi uchi, tenshin
High lunge punch, backhand sweep,
side roundhouse palm-heel strike, turn
Jōdan oi zuki, jōdan age uke, yoko kekomi, chūdan gyaku zuki,   chūdan gyaku zuki, gedan barai, kizami mawashi geri 上段追い突き、上段揚げ受け、横蹴込、中段
逆突き、 中段逆突き、下段払い、刻み回し蹴り
Mid-level lunge punch, rising block, side thrust kick, mid-level reverse punch,
mid-level reverse punch, low sweeping block, front-leg roundhouse kick
Jōdan oi zuki, jōdan gyaku age uke, jōdan mawashi geri,
  tate shutō uke, ushiro mawashi geri
High lunge punch, high reverse rising block, high roundhouse kick,
vertical sword-hand block, spinning hook kick
Jōdan oi zuki, jōdan soto ude uke 上段追い突き、上段外腕受け High lunge punch, high outside block
Jōdan oi zuki, jōdan tate shutō uke, chūdan gyaku zuki 上段追い突き、上段縦手刀受け、中段逆突き High lunge punch, high vertical sword-hand block, mid-level reverse punch
Jōdan oi zuki, nagashi uke, ura zuki, teishō 上段追い突き、流し受け、裏突き、底掌 High lunge punch, flowing block, inverted punch, push with palm heel
Jōdan oi zuki, tobi osae uke,
  migi ashi tobi geri, tobi uraken uchi
High lunge punch, jumping pressing block,
right jumping kick, jumping backfist strike
Jōdan oi zuki, zenkutsu dachi jōdan age uke,
  kizami mawashi geri, gyaku zuki
High lunge punch, high rising block in front stance,
front-leg roundhouse kick, reverse punch
Jōdan okuri zuki 上段 送り突き High straight punch
Jōdan oshidashi 上段押し出し High thrust
Jōdan otoshi shutō uchi 上段落とし手刀打ち High dropping sword hand strike
Jōdan ryō shō zukami uke 上段両掌掴み受け High two-handed grasping block
Jōdan ryūtōken uchi 上段竜頭拳打ち Upper level dragon-head fist strike
Jōdan seiryūtō awase uke 上段青竜刀合せ受け High combined ox-jaw hand block
Jōdan seiryūtō uke 上段青竜刀受け High ox hand block
Jōdan seizuki 上段正突き High normal (straight) punch
Jōdan shōtei ate 上段掌底当て High palm heel smash
Jōdan shōtei uchi 上段掌底打ち High palm heel strike
Jōdan shōtei age uke 上段掌底揚げ受け High palm heel rising block
Jōdan shōtei uke 上段掌底受け High palm heel block
Jōdan shōtei zuki 上段掌底突き High palm heel thrust
Jōdan shutō jūji uchi 上段手刀十字打ち High sword hand cross strike
Jōdan shutō jūji uke 上段手刀十字受け High sword hand cross block
Jōdan shutō sabaki 上段手刀捌き High sword hand movement
Jōdan shutō uchi 上段手刀打ち High sword hand strike
Jōdan shutō uke 上段手刀受け High sword hand block
Jōdan soete ude uke 上段添え手腕受け High reinforced forearm block
Jōdan soto kote uchi uke, chūdan soto uke,
  jōdan uraken
High outside of forearm inside block, mid-level outside block, high backfist
Jōdan soto kote uchi uke, kuzushi, gyaku zuki 上段外小手内受け、崩し、逆つき
High outside of forearm inside block, unbalance, reverse punch
Jōdan soto mawashi geri 上段外回し蹴り High outside roundhouse kick
Jōdan soto shutō uchi 上段外手刀打ち High outside sword hand strike
Jōdan soto uke 上段外受け High outer block
Jōdan soto yoko te 上段外横手 High outside hand block
Jōdan sukui uke 上段掬い受け High scooping block
Jōdan tate empi uchi 上段縦猿臂打ち High vertical (uppercut) elbow strike
Jōdan tate mawashi kubi geri 上段縦回し首蹴り High vertical roundhouse neck kick
Jōdan tate shutō uke 上段縦手刀受け High standing sword hand block
Jōdan tate zuki 上段縦突き High vertical punch
Jōdan tate zuki, ashi barai, shime 上段縦突き、足払い、絞め High vertical punch, foot sweep, choke
Jōdan te awase uke 上段手合せ受け High combined hand block
Jōdan te nagashi uke 上段手流し受け High open hand flowing block
Jōdan teishō age uke 上段底掌揚げ受け High rising palm heel block
Jōdan teishō ate 上段底掌当て High palm-heel strike
Jōdan teishō uchi 上段底掌打ち High palm heel strike
Jōdan teishō zuki 上段底掌突き High palm heel thrust
Jōdan tettsui otoshi uchi 上段鉄槌落とし打ち High hammerfist dropping strike
Jōdan tettsui uchi 上段鉄槌打ち High hammerfist strike
Jōdan tettsui yoko uchi 上段鉄槌槌打ち High side hammerfist strike
Jōdan tobi ashi barai 上段飛び足払い High jumping foot sweep
Jōdan tobi ashi barai/tobi ushiro geri 上段飛び足払い飛び後ろ蹴り High jumping foot sweep/jumping back kick
Jōdan uchi geri 上段内蹴り High inside kick
Jōdan uchi haisoku geri 上段内背足蹴り High inside instep kick
Jōdan uchi oroshi geri 上段内下ろし蹴り High inside descending kick
Jōdan uchi otoshi 上段打ち落とし High dropping strike
Jōdan uchi uke 上段内受け High inner block
Jōdan ude uke 上段腕受け High inner block
Jōdan uke 上段受け High block
Jōdan hiji suri uke 上段肘摺り受け High sliding elbow block
Jōdan uraken uchi 上段裏拳打ち High backfist strike
Jōdan ura mawashi geri 上段裏回し蹴り High reverse roundhouse kick
Jōdan ura nukite, chūdan mae empi uchi 上段裏貫手、中段前猿臂打ち
High inverted spear-hand, mid-level front elbow strike
Jōdan ura uchi 上段裏打ち High reverse strike
Jōdan ura zuki 上段 裏突き Uppercut
Jōdan ura zuki no tsukkomi 上段裏突きの突っ込み High leaning inverted punch
Jōdan ushiro atama zuki 上段後ろ頭突き High rear head butt
Jōdan ushiro empi uchi 上段後ろ猿臂打ち High spinning elbow strike
Jōdan ushiro geri 上段後ろ蹴り High back kick
Jōdan ushiro mawashi empi uchi 上段後ろ回し猿臂打ち High spinning roundhouse elbow strike
Jōdan ushiro mawashi geri 上段後ろ回し蹴り High spinning roundhouse kick
Jōdan ushiro mawashi kake geri 上段後ろ回し掛け蹴り High  spinning hook kick
Jōdan ushiro mikazuki geri 上段後ろ三日月蹴り High spinning crescent kick
Jōdan ushiro shutō uchi 上段後ろ手刀打ち High spinning sword hand strike
Jōdan ushiro uraken uchi 上段後ろ裏拳打ち High backhand strike
Jōdan ushiro zuki 上段後ろ突き High rear punch over opposite shoulder
Jōdan ushiro zu zuki 上段後ろ頭突き High back head butt
Jōdan wari uke 上段割受け High split block
Jōdan waza 上段技 High technique
Jōdan yoko keage 上段横り蹴上げ High rising side kick
Jōdan yoko haitō uchi 上段横背刀打ち High side ridge hand strike
Jōdan yoko shutō uchi 上段横手刀打ち High side sword hand strike
Jōdan yoko uchi barai 上段横內払い High side sweeping block
Jōdan yoko uke 上段横受け High side block
Jōdan zukami uke 上段掴み受け High grasping block
Jōdan zukami yose 上段掴み寄せ High grasping pull,
Jōdan zuki 上段突き High punch or thrust
Jōdan zuki, kawasu, chūdan zuki,
  osae uke dōji ashi barai, otoshi gyaku zuki
Jab to the face, dodge, mid-level punch,
pressing block with foot sweep, dropping reverse punch
Jōdan zuki tai chūdan zuki 上段突き対中段突き High punch versus mid-level punch
Jōdan zuki tai jōdan geri 上段突き対上段蹴り High punch versus high kick
Jōdan zuki tai jōdan zuki 上段突き対上段突き High punch versus high punch
Jōdan zuki uke 上段突き受け High punch block
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