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K-1   Professional full contact kickboxing sport
-ka “-ist,” suffix indicating occupation or pursuit, as in karateka
Ka Fire; one of the Godai, the Five Elements
Kabe nage waza 壁投げ技 Techniques involving throwing or projecting the opponent into or through a wall
Kabu Head
Kabura ya 蕪矢 Turnip-head arrow that makes a distinctive sound in flight
Kaburi Head
Kabuto 兜 or 冑 Helmet of samurai armour
Kabuto gaeshi 兜 返し “Reversing the helmet,” cranking the head with the helmet to break the neck
Kabuto no o 兜の緒 Cords that secure a kabuto to the head
Kabutowari 兜割 “Helmet splitter,” sword-like weapon to crush armour
Kachi ni fushigi no kachi ari
Make ni fushigi no make nashi
There are mysterious victories;
there are no mysterious losses
Kachimake 勝ち負け Victory or defeat
Kachi nuki 勝ち抜 Exercise in which a fighter takes on a succession of challengers until s/he loses
Kachi nuki sen 勝ち抜戦 Knockout competition; tournament
Kachi wa saya no naka ni ari 勝ちは鞘の中にあり “Victory comes while the sword is still in the scabbard”; a variation is saya no uchi de katsu (victory in the scabbard), sometimes shortened to saya no uchi
Kachō fūgetsu 花鳥風月 “Flower, bird, wind, moon”: experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself
Kaden 家傳 “Lineage transmission,” hereditary family secrets; poem transmission
Kadensho 家傳書 “Poem transmission text,” writings on family transmission
Kadō 華道 The way of the flower; Japanese flower arranging
Kadō 化導 Influencing (a person) for good
Kadomatsu 門松 Traditional Japanese New Year’s decorations, often displayed in dōjō
Kae ashi 返足 Switching legs, a kind of ashi sabaki
Kaeshi 返し Twist, turn, come back, return; a counterattack or a succession of counterattacks
Kaeshi dori 返し取り Attached palm hand catch
Kaeshi ippon gumite 返し一本組手 Two step one attack sparring
Kaeshi gumite 返し組手 Two step sparring
Kaeshi ude 返し腕 Arm return
Kaeshi waza 返し技 Counter techniques, escape techniques
Kaeshi zuki 返し突き Counterpunch or counter thrust
Kaeshizuno 返し角 Hook shaped fitting used to lock scabbard to obi while drawing
Kaesu 帰す Give back; change direction to opposite side
Kaette 帰って Returning back, pivot, move in opposite direction
Kae waza 替え技 Alternative form of technique
Kafukubu 下腹部 Abdomen
Kafuza 跏跌坐 Full lotus seated position;
Kagaku 下顎 Lower jaw
Kagami 屈み To crouch or duck (type of tai sabaki)
Kagami Example, model, paragon
Kagami Mirror; also kyō
Kagami biraki 鏡開き “Opening the mirror”; ritual first workout of the new year
Kagami geiko 鏡稽古 “Mirror training”: training in which partners mirror each other’s actions
Kage Shadow
Kage ryū 景流 Koryū battōjutsu
Kage ryū 陰流 Koryū kenjutsu founded by Aizu Hyūga-no-Kami Iko
Kagi Hooking
Kagi ashi 鉤足 Hook step
Kagi dachi 鉤立ち Hooking stance;
Kagi gamae 鉤構え Hooking posture
Kagi geri 鉤蹴り Hook kick
Kaginawa 鈎縄 Hook and rope; grappling hook
Kagi uchi 鉤 打ち Hooking strike
Kagi yari 鉤槍 Hook spear
Kagi zuki 鉤突き Hook punch
Kago hankyū 駕篭半弓 Miniature archery bow for use from a palanquin
Kahaku 下膊 Forearm
Kahanshin 下半身 “Down half body,” lower body
Kahō 下方 Lower direction
Kahō ate 下方当て Downward (elbow) strike
Kahō gata 華法型 Kata performed more for aesthetics than combative training
Kahō kenpō 華法剣法 Flowery swordplay; sword fighting for show
Kai Association
Kai ashi   Step forward
Kaibashira 貝柱 Adductor muscle
Kaichō 会長 Chairman or president of an organization
Kaiden 皆伝 Full knowledge, knowledge of all secrets; high level of menkyo rank system; initiation into an art or discipline
Kaigane Scapula
Kaigarabone 貝殻骨 Scapula;
Kaiha 会派 Faction, denomination, subsection
Kaihi 回避 Evasion, avoidance; moving out of the path of an attack while deflecting the blow
Kaiken 懐剣 Dagger
Kaikō ken 介甲拳 Crab shell fist
Kaikoku shūgyō 回国修業 To travel to other schools in search of knowledge through training or mutual combat
Kaikomu 掻い込む To fold; to hold under the arm
Kai Kuniyuki 甲斐国往季 Japanese karateka, jūdan
Kaikyaku ashi 開脚足 Extending the legs, junbi undō
Kaikyū 階級 Class, rank, grade; cf kyū
Kaimoku 開黙 Command to open eyes at finish of mokusō
Kaina 腕 or 肱 Arm, esp upper arm
Kairikimusō 怪力無双 A person of unrivaled physical strength
Kaisai 解裁 Deciphering bunkai from kata
Kaisaigi 解裁技 A technique deciphered from kata
Kaisai no genri 解裁の原理 Theory of deciphering bunkai from kata
Kaisekiryōri 懐石料理 Tea ceremony dishes; traditional meal brought in courses
Kaisenkenban 回旋腱板 Rotator cuff
Kaisetsu 解説 Explanation, commentary, exposition, elucidation
Kaishaku 介錯 Role of being second to someone performing seppuku
Kaishakunin 介錯人 Second to someone performing seppuku, whose duty is beheading the principal after seppuku cut
Kaishin 開心 “Opening the heart”
Kaishin 開身 Step dodge
Kaishin zuki 開身突き Step dodge punch
Kaishō 開掌 Open-hand
Kaishō age uke 開掌揚げ受け Open-hand rising block
Kaishō age uke dōji chūdan ura zuki, hikkaki,
  yoko mawashi empi uchi, yoko empi uchi
Open-hand rising block with body shot, clawing strike to eyes,
side roundhouse elbow strike, side elbow strike
Kaishō age uke dōji jōdan shutō uchi,
  chūdan mae geri, jōdan ura nukite, chūdan nihon zuki
Open-hand rising block with high sword-hand strike,
mid-level front kick, high inverted spear-hand, mid-level double punch
Kaishō age uke, kubi dori, age empi uchi 開掌揚げ受け、首取り、揚げ猿臂打ち Open-hand rising block, neck grasp, rising elbow strike
Kaishō age uke, tekubi dori, gedan tenohira uchi 開掌揚げ受け、手首取り、下段手の平打ち Open-hand rising block, wrist grasp, low palm-heel strike
Kaishō age uke, uchi oroshi zuki 開掌揚げ受け、打ち下ろし突き
Open-hand rising block, overhand punch
Kaishō gamae 開掌構え Open-hand position
Kaishō gedan barai 開掌下段払い Low open-hand sweep
Kaishō jōdan kōsa uke 開掌上段交差受け High open-hand cross block
Kaishō jūji uke 開掌十字受け Open-hand cross block
Kaishō no den 開掌の伝 Spreading your fingers widely in response when an opponent grabs your wrist
Kaishō uchi 開掌打ち Open-hand strike
Kaishō waza 開掌技 Open-hand techniques
Kaishu 開手 Open-hand
Kaishu chūdan nagashi uke 開手中段流し受け Open-hand middle level flowing block
Kaishu chūdan yoko uke 開手中段横受け Middle level open-hand side block
Kaishu gata 開手形 “Open-hand kata,” classification of Gōjū ryū karate kata
Kaishu gedan barai 開手下段払い Open-hand lower sweep
Kaishu gedan barai, chūdan mae ashi mae geri 開手下段払い、中段前足前蹴り Open-hand lower sweep, mid-level front-leg front kick
Kaishu gedan barai, chūdan mae geri 開手下段払い、中段前蹴り
Open-hand lower sweep, mid-level front kick
Kaishu gedan barai, chūdan soto shutō uchi 開手下段払い、中段外手刀打ち Open-hand lower sweep, mid-level outside sword-hand strike
Kaishu gedan barai, jōdan ura uchi,
gedan tettsui uchi
Open hand lower sweep, mid-level inverted strike,
low hammerfist strike
Kaishu gedan barai, morote haishu uke, kin geri 開手下段払い、諸手背手受け、金蹴り Open hand lower sweep, two-handed back-of-hand block, groin kick
Kaishu gedan barai, renzoku empi uchi 開手下段払い、連続猿臂打ち Open-hand lower sweep, continuous elbow strikes
Kaishu haiwan uke 開手背腕受け Open-hand back hand block
Kaishu haiwan uke dōji shō jōdan uke 開手背腕受け同時掌額前受け Open-hand back of hand block at the same time as upper-level palm block
Kaishu ippon kumite 開手一本组手 Sparring exercise
Kaishū isshoku 鎧袖一触 (Beating someone) with a single blow
Kaishu jūji dori 開手十字捕リ Open-hand cross grasp
Kaishu kōsa gamae 開手交差構え Posture in which one arm completes sword hand block and other is open and to side
Kaishu kōsa uke 開手交差受け Open-hand cross block
Kaishu kote uke 開手小手受け Open-hand circular upward block
Kaishu metsubishi 開手目溃し Spear hand strike to the eyes
Kaishu ryō wan gamae 開手両腕構え Posture with open hands extended downward
Kaishu soto uke 開手外受け Open-hand outside block
Kaishu soto uke, tekubi dori, chūdan ura nukite 開手外受け、手首取り、中段裏貫手 Outside block with open hand, wrist grasp, mid-level ridgehand strike
Kaishu uchi uke 開手内受け Open-hand inside block
Kaishu uchi uke dōji gedan barai 開手内受け同時下段払い Open-hand inside block with low sweep
Kaishu uchi uke, jōdan empi uke, gedan zuki,
  ashi dori, otoshi gyaku zuki
Open-hand inside block, high elbow block, low punch,
leg grab, dropping reverse punch
Kaishu uchi uke, kuzushi, hiza mawashi geri, ō soto gari 開手内受け、崩し、膝回し蹴り、大外刈 Open-hand inside block, break balance, roundhouse knee strike, major outer reaping throw
Kaishu uke 開手受け Open-hand block
Kaishu waki gamae 開手脇構え Open-hand side posture
Kaishu yama gamae 開手山構え Open-hand mountain posture
Kaiso 開祖 Founder, originator, inventor, apostle
Kaisoku chūdan gamae 開足中段構え Clenched fist posture
Kaisoku dachi 開足立ち Open stance
Kaite 開手 Open hand
Kaiten 回転 Rotation, especially that of the hips; turning (type of tai sabaki)
Kaiten ate 回転当て Rotating (elbow) smash
Kaiten empi uchi 回転猿臂打ち Spinning elbow strike
Kaiten geri 回転蹴り Wheel kick
Kaiten hiji ate 回転肘当て Spinning elbow strike
Kaiten jiku 回転軸 The axis of rotation of a technique
Kaitenkin 外転筋 Abductor muscle
Kaiten koken mawashi oroshi uchi 回転弧拳回し下ろし打ち Turning arc-fist drop punch
Kaiten mawashi geri 回転回し蹴り  Spinning roundhouse kick
Kaiten nage 回転投げ Rotation throw
Kaiten tettsui 回転鉄槌 Spinning hammerfist
Kaiten tobi geri 回転飛び蹴り Jumping wheel kick
Kaiten uraken 回転裏拳 Spinning backfist
Kaiten ushiro geri 回転後ろ蹴り Spinning back kick
Kaiten ushiro kake geri 回転後ろ掛け蹴り Spinning backward hook kick
Kaiten ushiro mawashi geri 回転後ろ回し蹴り Turning back roundhouse kick
Kaiten yoko geri 回転横蹴り Spinning side kick
Kaitō 快刀 Sharp sword (literary)
Kaiun no te 開雲の手 Parting the clouds
Kaizen 改善 or かいぜん Continuous improvement
Kaji ha Ittō ryū 梶派一刀流 Koryū kenjutsu
Kaji uke   Thigh block
Kajutsu 火術 Fire, smoke, explosive or musketry arts
Kakae komi 抱え込み Carrying in arms (after sweep)
Kakae nage 抱え投げ Trapping throw
Kakae te uke 抱え手受け Trapping hand block
Kakae uke 抱え受け Circular block
Kakarikiri 掛かり切り Devote all time and energy; being devoted
Kakari geiko 懸かり稽古 Attack practice; multiple continuous attacks on one defender
Kakari waza 懸かり技 Techniques of attacking
Kakaru 懸かる Lower rank aggressively attacking a higher rank in training to improve
Kakato Heel
Kakato ashi barai 踵足払い Foot sweep with heel
Kakato geri 踵蹴り Heel kick
Kakato geri (junbi undō) 踵蹴り Heel kick warm-up exercise
Kakato mawashi geri 踵回し蹴り Roundhouse kick with heel
Kakato o ageru undō 踵を上げる運動 Heel lift, junbi undō ( warm-up exercise)
Kakato otoshi geri 踵落とし蹴り Axe kick
Kakato otoshi geri
kara jōdan mawashi geri
Axe kick feint, upper-level roundhouse kick
Kakato uke 踵受け Heel block
Kakato ushiro keage 踵後ろ上げ Rising heel kick
Kake 掛け Attack; execution of a technique following tsukuri
Kake ashi dachi 掛け足立ち Hooked stance, form of kōsa dachi
Kake dachi 掛け立ち Hook stance
Kakedashi 駆け出し or 駆出し or 駈け出し Novice, beginner
Kakedashimono 駆出し者 or 駆け出し者 Beginner, novice
Kake dori 掛け取り Hooking grasp/pull
Kake geri 掛け蹴り Hook kick
Kake geri chūsoku chūdan 掛け蹴り中足中段 Middle level hook kick with ball of foot
Kake geri chūsoku jōdan 掛け蹴り中足上段 Middle level hook kick with ball of foot
Kake geri kakato chūdan 掛け蹴り踵中段 Middle level hook kick with heel
Kake geri kakato jōdan 掛け蹴り踵上段 Upper level hook kick with heel
Kakegoe 掛け声 Vocalization showing one is full of spirit and on guard
Kakegoe daore 掛け声倒れ Starting with vigor but ending with no action; raising one’s voice but taking no action
Kake hiki 駆け引き Tactics; reading the opponent and responding appropriately
Kakejiku 掛け軸 Hanging scroll used to mount shodō or sumi-e
Kakemono 掛け物 Calligraphy scroll
Kakeru 掛ける To hang, suspend
Kake shutō uke 掛け手刀受け Hooking knife hand block
Kake taoshi 掛け倒し Hooking drop
Kake te 掛け手 Hook punch; hook block; hooking hand
Kake te gamae 掛け手構え Hooking hand posture
Kake te uke 掛け手受け Trapping hand block
Kake te uke, jōdan mawashi geri 掛け受け、上段回し蹴り
Hooking block, high roundhouse kick
Kake te uke, jōdan nukite 掛け手受け、上段貫手
Hooking-hand block, high spear hand
Kake te uke, ude gatame 掛け手受け、腕固め
Hooking-hand block, armlock
Kake uke 掛け受け Hooking block
Kake uke, chūdan gyaku zuki 掛け受け、中段逆突き Hooking block, mid-level reverse punch
Kake uke, jōdan gyaku zuki, kansetsu geri 掛け受け、上段逆突き、関節蹴り Hooking block, high reverse punch, joint kick
Kake uke, tekubi dori 掛受 け、手首取り Hooking block, wrist grasp
Kake uke, tekubi dori, chūdan ura nukite 掛受 け、手首取り、中段裏貫手 Hooking block, wrist grasp, mid-level inverted spear-hand
Kake waza 掛け技 Hooking techniques
Kakidameshi 火気試し “Trial by fire,”  challenge duels in Okinawa; sometimes, fights to the death
Kaki di カキディ   “Hooking hand”
Kakie カキエ Okinawan push hands
Kakiwake 掻き分け Two-handed wedging movement
Kakiwake, chūdan mae geri 掻き分け、中段前蹴り Reverse wedge, mid-level front kick
Kakiwake orosu 掻き分け下ろす Downward thrust
Kakiwakeru 掻き分ける Push aside
Kakiwake uke
掻き分け受け Reverse wedge block
Kakko nintei 各個認定 Certification of an individual as a Ningen Kokuhō, a Living National Treasure
Kako ken 下弧拳 Outside of palm-heel, used to strike downward
Kakon 禍根 Root of evil
Kakon o tatsu 禍根を絶つ Strike at the root of an evil
Kako no isan 過去の遺産 Legacy of the past
Kaku Corner or angle
Kaku Crane
Kaku bō 角棒 Four sided
Kakudo 角度 Angle
Kakun 家訓 Daimyō house rules
Kaku obi 角帯 Wide belt to support carried weapons
Kakure bushi 隠れ 武士 “Hidden warrior,” someone who does not strive to be famous as a karateka; martial arts hermit
Kakuritsu dachi 確立立ち Solid standing stance
Kakushi 隠し Hidden
Kakushi aji 隠し味 “Hidden taste,” secret ingredient, subtle difference making something essentially Japanese; je ne sais quoi
Kakushi buki 隠し武器 Hidden weapon
Kakushi de 隠しで Hidden techniques, especially in kata
Kakushi ken 鶴觜拳 Crane beak fist
Kakushi kusarigama 隠し鎖鎌 Small, concealable kusarigama
Kakushi waza 隠し技 Hidden techniques; hidden ōyō (practical fighting applications) of kata
Kakushi zuki 隠し突き Hidden punch
Kakutō 格闘 Hand to hand combat
Kakutō 鶴頭 “Crane head”: bent wrist formation
Kakutōgi 格闘技 Competitive fighting systems; disciplines without weapons; one-on-one fighting sport
Kakutōka 格闘家 Martial artist; fighter
Kakutō uchi 鶴頭打ち Crane head strike
Kakutō uke 鶴頭受け Crane head block
Kaku zuki 角突き Square punch
Kalarippayattu களரிபயத் (Tamil)
துകളരിപ റ് (Malayalam) South Indian martial art
Kama Sickle, a kobudō weapon
Kamae 構え Posture of whole body and mind; cf dachi, which refers only to lower body
Kamae gata 構え形 or 構え型 Posture of the upper body; ready stances
Kamae o te de haratte kara, shita zuki no renda 構えを手で払ってから、 下突きの連打 Sweep the opponent’s guard for body shots
Kamaeru 構える To take up a posture
Kamaeru toki igai no tachigata 構えるとき以外の立ち方 Opening into fighting stance
Kamae te 構えて Command to get into position or get ready
Kamae toku 構え解く Kamae with lowered, slightly turned sword (of conquered opponent)
Kamakiri 螳螂 Praying mantis, symbol of courage and cunning, harbinger of good fortune
Kamawan 構鎌 “We don’t care [if you come into our dōjō],” brusque verbal variant of kamawanai
Kama yari 鎌槍 Spear with one to two curved secondary blades; sickle spear
Kami Paper
Kami Hair
Kami Divinity; the gods
Kami ate 上当て Upper attack
Kamidana 神棚 Miniature shrine in a tokonoma
Kami dori 髪取り Hair grasp
Kamiizumi Ise-no-kami Nobutsuna 上泉 伊勢守 信綱 (c1508 - 1578) Founder of Yagyu Shinkage ryū
Kaminari Thunderbolt, lightning, thunder
Kami no kamae 上 の 构え Upper body posture
Kaminoke 髪 の 毛 Hair
Kamishimo 裃 or 上下 Formal garb of the samurai
Kami tsuku 噛み付く Bite
Kami waza 神業 or 神事 Divine work, miracle, superhuman feat; art, technique or skill worthy of the gods
Kamiya Jinsei   (1894 - 1964) Okinawan Karateka, student of Miyagi Chojun and physician; member of the Okinawan 1940 Karate-dō Special Committee
Kamiyo 神代 Ancient time; age of the gods
Kamiza 上座 “High seat,” seat of honour, the upper side of the dōjō floor
Kamiza 神座 Small, shelf-top shrine in a dōjō
Kami zukami 髪掴み Hair grasping
Kamo 鴨 or 鳧 Sitting duck; duck (bird)
Kamoku 科目 Special class taught by a guest instructor
Kamon 家紋 Family or heraldic symbols
Kampō 漢方 Japanese interpretaion of traditional Chinese medicine
Kan Intuition or intuitive perception
Kan Look, appearance; spectacle, sight; observation meditation; outlook on or view of something
Kan Hall or building
Kan Liver, spirit
Kana 仮名 Japanese phonetic script, either hirigana or katakana
Kanabō 金棒 Classical Japanese weapon, a heavy oak club covered and studded with iron or steel
Kanae no keichō o tō 鼎の軽重を問う “To question the relative weight of the tripod kettle,” to be weighed in the balance and be found wanting; to have one’s ability or capacity questioned
Kanakushiku Ufuchiku   (1841 - 1926) Okinawan karateka
Kanazawa Hirokazu 金澤弘和 (1931- ) Founder of Shōtōkan Karate-do International Federation; jūdan
Kanchin 完戦 Karate kata
Kanchū 寒中 Midwinter, cold season
Kanchū tanren 寒中鍛練 Midwinter training; training in the cold
Kandai 寛大 Generosity, tolerance, leniency
Kan geiko 寒稽古 Winter training
Kani ashi 蟹足 Crab step, step sideways
Kani basami 蟹挟 Flying scissors takedown
Kani basami de kōhō e taoshite no hiza jūji カニバサミで後方ヘ倒してのヒザ十字 Flying scissors takedown to knee bar
Kanji 漢字 Chinese characters used in Japanese, as contrasted with its syllabries (kana)
Kanjin 観心 Introspection (Buddhism)
Kanjo 寛恕 Magnaminity; forgiveness; generosity
Kankai ryū 蔵院流 Ryū that taught swimming in armour
Kanken 観見 Seeing
Kanken futatsu no koto 観見二つのこと Both the eyes and the mind must see (Musashi)
Kanken no me 観見の目 Seeing the appearance (ken no me) and the interior (kan no me) of the opponent
Kan ken no metsuke 観見の目付け Two ways to look (at the opponent)
Kanketsu 汗血 Sweat and blood
Kankū 観空 “To look at the sky” kata
Kankū 観空 Symbol for Kyokushin karate
Kankū Dai 観空大 “To look at the sky, major” kata
Kankū Shō 観空小 “To look at the sky, minor” kata
Kannagara no michi 神ながらの道 “The Way as it is with the gods”
Kannan 艱難 Hardships, privations, difficulties
Kannan nanji o tamanisu 艱難汝を玉にす “Hardship makes the man” (proverb)
Kannan ni itte tomo o shiru 艱難に一手友を知る “In hardship you know your friends” (proverb)
Kannanshinku 艱難辛苦 Trials and tribulations, hardships, privations, difficulties
Kanna zen 看話禪 Zen contemplation of words, especially a kōan
Kan no me 観の目 Seeing the essence of things; cf ken no me
Kanō Jigorō 嘉納 治五郎 (1860-1938) Founder of jūdō
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