Labokatao ល្បុក្កតោ   “To pound a lion,” Cambodian martial art, popularly known as Bokator
Lai Tung Pai     “Encircle fist,” style of kung fu; also Lai Tong Pai or Poon Kuen
Lam Son     Vietnamese martial art
Lau Gar 刘家   Style of Southern kung fu
Lê Cung   (1972- ) Vietnamese MMA and San Shou fighter, better known as Cung Le
Lethwei     Burmese boxing, similar to Pradal Serey of Cambodia; also Myanmar Traditional Boxing
Lima Lama     “The Hand of Wisdom,” American-Samoan martial art founded by Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega
Liùhébāfǎquán 六合八法拳 “Six Harmonies, Eight Methods Boxing,” style of Internal kung fu
Liu Seong Kuntao     Style of Kuntao Silat, a Chinese/Indonesian hybrid fighting system
Lóng xíng mó qiáo 龍形摩橋 Dragon style of Southern kung fu
Lua     Hawaiian martial art; also Kapu kuialua, Pa Kuialua or Kuialua
Luóhànquán 羅漢拳 Shaolin kung fu style: Arhat (Indian spiritual practitioner) Boxing; also Rakan Kempō (Japanese pronunciation)